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” After spending many days and weeks looking around for someone who could replace the engine in our T25 we came across TSR engine conversions. It was pretty daunting, knowing nothing about engines or T25’s and trusting someone to do the work without taking advantage of you was pretty stressful. So after doing our research and deciding that they would be the best people to carry out the work because of their experience, expertise and competitive prices we decided to go with them. From the start Andy was really helpful and explained how the van could be picked up from Devon where it spent the next few of months in their workshop. We had no idea the amount of work needed but Andy and Lisa made sure that they explained everything that needed doing and always called us to confirm that this was ok. They always had time for the million questions we had for them and the fact that they fitted us in between the huge workload they already had. We now have a van that doesn’t sound like a tractor when you start it up, in fact you can hardly hear it at all, and the best bit is that we know we have something reliable for our daughter when we go on our adventures! A real professional job from Andy and his team!”

“After have some ongoing problems with our 1.9DG engine in our T25 Westy we decided to have a Subaru engine fitted after so research we contacted Andy at TSR Conversions and booked the van in for an engine & gearbox box transplant. Andy and the team done a fantastic job and it actually seems to fit and look better than the original!! After getting the van back and running it. I couldn’t believe how different it drove. Andy did say it would pull a bit better but that was an understatement. So a few months later and after lockdown we decided to take it on a road trip from Lowestoft around Wales and the Peak District. Plenty of steep hills to cope with and a fare bit of motorway work and the van didn’t miss a beat. Big thank you to Andy and the team and If you are thinking a Subaru conversion TSR and the people to go to. Great people, great prices and great service.”

“I have owned my Early Bay for nearly 15 years I decided I needed to re-commission my bus, get back on the road and use again and enjoy the love I had for her once more!  Well that got me thinking. Do I go for another type of engine?  While furloughed I had time to look into Subaru conversions. So i picked up the phone to Andy and asked a few questions. Andy explained the process and helped me understand. Once Andy had inspected my bus we agreed on an Engine Conversion , Freeway Flyer, heater, fuel tank and a brake upgrade. Andy kept me updated all the way through the build process sending me pictures and videos along the way. The conversion is top quality, I cannot wait to use for day trips out with my dogs and I am looking forward to (one day) trips across Europe with the confidence of a reliable engine.  So to conclude I can’t recommend Andy and his team at TSR engine conversions enough!”

“Thanks to tsr conversions for an amazing job on my van! Radiator, coolant pipes, gearbox, motor, driveshafts, sump, fuel tank and more! What a job! Done about 1300 km all together including the 500 mile service. Visited durdle door, Exmouth, Newquay, Glastonbury and back to the Wirral via Newmarket. Great job by a very professional and friendly team. Highly recommended. Couldn’t find a fault with them and he will answer the phone any time of day to answer whatever you need. Thanks to Joe Miller for putting up with my driving and lack of anything needed for a camping trip! Cheers!”

“I’m super happy with the work, you guys were great at communication and the process didn’t feel stressful at all. Each step was a joy to receive updates for and now I have my van back I’m so happy to have an engine that doesn’t hold up traffic and even has a little kick to it. I’m happy to not drive my van and kind of think “oh god what will happen this time” and just enjoy driving it. The rides smooth and the noise is nicely reduced. The immobiliser was a nice surprise to recieve also 🙂I’m really grateful for the work you all did on it and I’d definitely recommend you if anyone asks.”

“Well, what can I say. My T25 is now a Subdub! Until I came across TSR Engine conversions my VW had the worst engine VW ever put in a van. A water boxer! Now I have a super efficient power train with a smooth & very positive response, thanks to a 2.0 ltr Subaru engine conversion & custom-built freeway flyer gearbox, new driveshafts, new fuel tank, electric power steering & uprated brakes. Now the only problem I have is constantly taking the cover off the engine bay & staring at the engine! It’s a beautifully crafted & expertly fitted piece of automotive jewellery. I can’t recommend TSR engine conversion highly enough. Great people great service & a top quality job.”

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