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We are the UK’s leading installer and supplier of Subaru engine conversions for VWs and have an in depth knowledge of VWs and Subarus.

We pride ourselves on the highest standard of workmanship and products.

We are located in the south east of England but are proud to say that our client and product base is worldwide.

Get some extra horses in your Volkswagen

At TSR Engine Conversions we live, breathe, eat, and sleep VWs! Each and every one of our VW Subaru Engine conversions is designed with thought, built with care, and made to last.

Need For Speed

Our bespoke VW Subaru engine conversions will offer more reliability, better fuel economy, more BHP and give you a modern driving experience in a classic VW.

We love to offer our customers a wide range of choice so they can have fun creating a custom VW engine conversion that’s both unique and perfect for them.

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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how delighted you are with your engine conversion.  

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