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Q: Why a Subaru engine?
A: The Subaru engine is a better design with more power and reliability than the original air cooled engine. These engines are easily available, plus the added bonus of long service intervals and great fuel economy. Furthermore, it retains the flat 4 configuration.

Q: Why a flywheel conversion?
A: We use flywheel conversion kits as they have been tested to almost 500bhp with no problems, the conversion kits themselves are machined out of the best quality steel.
These conversions kits are easy for the customer to fit themselves if they are doing a DIY project.

Q: Is this an easy DIY conversion?
A: In the Type 25 this conversion is quite a simple installation and we can supply all the parts needed. In the bay windows and split screens you will need to know basic mechanics but we are always at the end of a phone if you need help or advice.

Q: why use a Freeway Flyer gearbox?
A: We use this gearbox because they are built to the spec of the engine that we supply, they offer a low rev range in 4th gear giving maximum fuel economy this is a perfect combination for motorway driving and the engine does not over rev. These gearboxes come with a one year or 6000 mile warranty.

Q: What is the build specifications for your Subaru engines?
A: The engines that are supplied for all our conversions are stripped top end, the cylinder heads are checked and skimmed then refitted with new head gaskets and camshaft oil seals. The engine block has the sump removed and checked for any bearing wear and the crank end play is checked, oil pick up is checked for any bearing or contamination, new front crank case oil seal is fitted and the block is washed and cleaned. The engine is then reassembled with a new cam belt and the water pump, thermostat, inlet and exhaust gaskets are replaced. The engine is then fully serviced with new spark plugs, spark plug leads, oil, filter and air filter. The alternator is replaced with a reconditioned unit and a new alternator belt. The engine conversion is supplied with a new clutch and handmade exhaust system, fuel pump and filter. The cooling system for the air cooled conversions has a custom built radiator and after market oil cooler.

Q: Will i receive documentation for my engine conversion?
A: We supply an invoice will a full break down of work carried out and costings and you will also receive a full engineers report for your insurance company and DVLA.

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