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Complete Engine Conversion

We supply a full drive in and drive out service for all classic VW’s. This includes a re built engine, clutch, exhaust system, cooling system and alternator giving you better fuel economy and reliability.

VW Petrol T25 prices start from £5,360
VW Diesel T25 prices start from £6,299

VW Petrol Bay Window prices start from £6,740

VW Split Screen prices start from £6,740

VW Beetle prices start from £6,920

DIY Subaru Engine Conversion Kit

We can supply a DIY engine conversion kit for home installation. All the products that we supply are the same as the ones we use in our in house conversions and comes with full advice and support via telephone or email.

Our DIY Engine Conversion kits include:
Throttle cable
Air induction pipes
Fly Wheel conversion kit
Fly Wheel Bolts
Petrol Pump Filter and Fitting Kit
Air Filter and Fitting Kit
Water Pipe Work
Samco hoses
Reducer and T Piece
Fan Belt
Engine Brace Bar
GPS Wheel Speed Sensor
Modified Wiring Looms (customer supplies)

*All above items can also be purchased separately

Prices start from £1,600 + P&P

Modified Sumps (for lowered vehicles)

We can supply modified sumps which we highly recommend for lowed VW vehicles.

Prices start from £295.00

Water Cooled to Air Cool conversion (T25 only)

We can supply the full air cooled to water cool conversion for your early VW T25.

Prices start from £1,200.00

Subaru Engine Service Parts

We can supply a full service package and engine rebuild kit for your Subaru.



We supply a full range of clutches from 200mm to 228mm. We also stock performance KEP clutches from stage 1 to stage 3 in 200mm format.

Prices start from £150.00

Gear Boxes

We can supply a custom built freeway flier gear box upgrade to compliment your Subaru engine conversion giving you better fuel economy and reliability.

Prices start from £2,160.00

Heating Systems

We can supply a 3 speed heater unit which makes your van comfortable all year round – perfect for cold winter mornings.

Prices from £475.00 supplied and fitted.

Power Steering

We can supply an electric power steering system for your VW. These units are variable speed sensing which gives you a more positive feel when driving.

Prices start from £1,181.40 supplied and fitted.

Braking Systems

We can supply brake upgrades for all VWs. These include front disk conversions and servo insisted units.

Prices start from £403.32 supplied and fitted.


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