"No Remorse" doing a wheelie

red and black vanRed and black van

What is TSR ?

TSR started in the late 90's with an idea of putting a more reliable engine into a VW as customers were getting fed up with the cost and unreliability of air cooled engines. We thought we would start the project with the highest form of motor racing i.e. drag racing and this is how TSR was born.

We then developed a VW Beetle for the drag track, this car is known as "No Remorse". It was the first car to be entered and to start the A/E VW drag racing class, this class has now got some of the fastest VW's in Europe.

After project building for drag racing the question was asked: 'Can this conversion be used on the road?' After developing an efficient cooling system for the Subaru engine the answer was 'Yes'.

We can do the conversion on all the VW's whether you are looking for a motorway cruiser or a turbo-charged monster.

In recent years we have developed a gearbox suitable for the power and rev range of all the Subaru engines.